Tips to find auto wheel garage in New Delhi

Tips To Find Auto Wheel Garage in New Delhi

A car is one of your priciest possessions and probably the one you use the most. While it is really important for you to keep your vehicle well maintained, finding the best auto wheel garage in New Delhi can be a big challenge. Most of the car owners face all sorts of difficulties in finding a reliable auto garage, especially when auto wheel services are concerned.

Every part of your vehicle demands regular maintenance and services including the auto wheels. You need to ensure that you keep the wheels in a good shape to enjoy a smooth and fun ride. While you might have already tried a number of auto garages near you, it is pretty much possible that your experience was not as good as you expected. So, how can you ensure that you get the best auto garage for your auto wheel service or repair? Here, in this article, we have made a list of tips that will help you find the best auto garage in New Delhi:

Choose an auto garage

To start with, you must go with the recommendations as well as the reviews and ratings online to choose an auto garage. It is recommended to choose a garage that offers all the services under one roof as well as specializes in auto wheel services. To assess the efficacy of their services, you must talk to the staff at the garage as well as the mechanics. Ask them to assign you a mechanic that specializes in the services you require- auto wheel repair or service.

Know what you need

It is advised that you must have sound knowledge about the service you require. There are a number of tire problems that you can face at any point in time including wobbles of vibrations at low speed, bent wheel because of the collision, punctured tire, alloy setting or installation, wheel rotation, as well as tire washing. All these problems are caused due to different reasons and hence you must know what to expect from the mechanic.

Know the services being rendered

The best auto garage professionals would first inspect the vehicle and then offer you a detailed account of the services required. They will ensure that you understand the nature of the repair being carried out and offer your consent for the same. Depending upon the type of wheel repair carried out, the price to be paid will differ. If the auto garage does not offer you a pre-estimate with the detail of the type of service, consider it as a red flag.

Do not hesitate in asking questions

Do not shy away from asking questions from the mechanic. The more you enquire the better you understand the expertise of the repair shop. You must ask questions about the experience of the mechanic, how long has he been working with the auto garage and has he handled the repair of a vehicle like yours before?

Compare the price but never overlook the quality of service

Budget-friendly auto wheel services are what everyone seeks, often we overlook the quality of services while comparing the services of two or more garages. You should always compare the estimates offered by two different garages but at the same time, you should also consider the quality of services they offer, their review and ratings as well as your personal experience with them when you visit them.


What is the expected time for auto wheel repair?

The time taken to repair an auto wheel depends upon the problem. It usually takes a few hours to a business day to respond to the problem.

Is chrome wheel repair possible?

Chrome wheels can be straightened but other than this, no other repair job can be carried out. As most of the chrome wheels have non-replaceable chrome/ plastic caps, it limits the scope of repair.

Can aluminum rim be repaired?

Yes, the best auto garage in New Delhi can repair your aluminum rim. However, we will need to inspect the rim before we offer you an estimate of whether or not the repair is possible.

What are the common tire problems?

From burst tires to broken alloys and worn out wheels, there are many problems that require expert skills to be repaired. We can handle all your tire problems and offer a quick solution.

When should I rotate my wheels?

It is recommended to follow the wheel mileage timeline mentioned in your user manual. However, we suggest rotating the wheels after every 5000-6000 kilometers.

How much time does it take for a wheel rotation job?

It will take us a minimum of 7-8 hours to rotate the wheels, wash them and ensure that they are safe for your drive. However, if you are in a hurry, we can ensure that your vehicle is attended on a priority basis.

How much does it cost to get a wheel repair service?

Depending upon the requirement of repair and problem, the cost of auto wheel service may differ from one case to another.

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