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How Do I Clean The Interior of My Car?

Maintaining the interior of your car is more like a passion for car owners. Well, who doesn’t like to step in a car that smells fresh and is spic and span? While professional cleaning can cost you a lot, it is very easy and effective to clean the interior of your car yourself and save money. DIY car interior cleaning is a very straightforward job that earns you great rewards and satisfaction. The best part is, you do not have to buy any expensive tools or cleaning agents to carry out the cleaning. It can be done very effectively without investing money but the results are a great value addition to your vehicle.

So, how do you do car dry cleaning at home? In this post, we have mentioned some key tips that would make the task easier and ensure that you get the best results. Let’s check them out:

Cleaning tools and material:

You will need some of the tools and cleaning materials to start the job. It is better to have all the items in one place before you get your hands dirty. Some of the items you will need include:

Vacuum cleaner:

Any vacuum cleaner that is handheld or has an extension hose is great for car dry cleaning. The one with an extension works great in cleaning the hard carpet area as well as the corners that are not easily accessible.

Cleaning agents:

You will need a few varieties of cleaning agents for different surfaces. Any cleaning agent that you have at home and which is safe to use on vinyl, plastic, upholstery, and carpeting will do the job.

Towel or cloth:

To wipe and polish the car interior you can use a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth that is easily available at home. If you don’t have one, you can anytime buy it from the nearest convenience store. It isn’t expensive.

Preparing the car:

Take out all the personal items from the car. This includes coins, papers, junk food wrappers, and other objects that do not belong to the car originally. Make sure you check under the seat and in the dashboard for any extra item before you start car dry cleaning.


Carpets and floor mats are the first things that you must clean. They are the dirtiest part of the car interior and require most efforts. Take out the floor mats and if they are washable, rinse them with a stream of water. If they aren’t washable, use the vacuum cleaner to take off the dust but before it, give it some nice blow to take off the superficial impurities.

Now start working on the carpet and use the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment to skillfully clean it. You must pay special attention to cervices and the area around the seats.


Depending upon the types of the seat cover, you should choose different methods to clean. While vinyl and leather seat covers can be wiped clean using the right cleaning agent, you will need a special upholstery cleaner to clean cloth seat covers.

Windows and mirrors:

Jump to the windows and mirrors next and use a glass cleaner and a cloth or newspaper to clean the stains and impressions on the glass surfaces. Make sure you also clean the exterior surface of the window glasses to get the best results.

Dashboard and console:

One of the most complicated parts of the car dry cleaning process is working on the dashboard and console as it has an uneven surface plus a range of buttons. Make sure you follow the user’s manual to know what can be accessed and which part should be left unattended.


Once you are done cleaning all the parts of the car, it is time you work on the odor. Check the car thoroughly to ensure there is no source for the foul smell. Now, install a great odor-eliminating product and have your car is the best shape.



Which one is better: car dry-cleaning at home or at the garage?

You can always try car dry cleaning at home and achieve great results, however, professional car dry cleaning services offer you superior results because of the access to premium products and equipment as well as expertise.

How much time does car dry cleaning require?

A through car dry cleaning service will take anywhere between 4-6 hours. However, professional car dry cleaners can offer you express services which would take not more than an hour.

What parts of the car can be dry cleaned?

You will get detailed information about the parts that can be dry cleaned in your car user’s manual. However, the common parts of the car interior covered under car dry cleaning service include seats, floor mats and carpeting, seat covers, dashboard, compartments and console, mirrors and window glasses, doors, and cabinets as well as roof upholstery.

What are the best products to dry clean the car?

There are different products that can be used and selection depends upon the type of surface you are working on. It is recommended to use bio-degradable products for best results and no side-effects.

How to eliminate the foul smell?

Other than identifying the source of the smell deep steam cleanse of the car can help you get rid of the foul smell.

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