Car Repair Near You in New Delhi

Maintaining your car in the perfect shape is always in your best interest. Cars that are regularly inspected, repair and maintained outperform and outlast those which are not. From due services to sudden breakdowns, we are readily available to help you in the best way to take care of your vehicle.

We, at Triumph Motors, are a team of professional and experienced mechanics who are passionate about offering top-notch services to the car owners. We ensure your car is in the best condition, to offer you peak performance from your valuable asset.

We offer reliable and high-quality car repair services in Delhi.

car repair near you in New Delhi

Trusted Car Repair Near Me

As you drive your vehicle on the roads, it is exposed to a number of risks. From accidents to timely wear and tear, your vehicle can sustain a range of damage that demands skilled repair. We take pride to be the most trusted and experienced car repair near me, offering a complete range of vehicle repair services. Whether you need car bumper repair or replacement of worn-out spares, our mechanics inspect the vehicle and identify the scope of the job only to offer perfection.  We are trusted by hundreds of car owners for general maintenance, major car repair services, wheel alignment and more.

Comprehensive car repair services under one roof:

There is a range of car problems that can be the cause of the poor performance of your vehicle. Whether you are experiencing lower mileage, poor pick up, imbalanced wheel alignment or repair for dents, scratches, and damages from an accident, Triumph Motors extends its services to you. We are dedicated to bringing your car into a new-like condition by working on its mechanical and electrical components, denting and painting the exteriors and replacing any damaged part.

Running car repairs:

As your vehicle becomes old, it starts showing a range of wear and tear signs. Different parts of the vehicle demand replacement or repair in due intervals. Triumph Motors offer a comprehensive range of car replacement and repair services to ensure any vehicle problem is timely treated and repaired to ensure complete convenience. Some common problems that you may face and their a solution at Triumph Motors:


You can identify an underlying Clutch problem from arrange of signs including burning paper smell, transmission slipping gears, clutch sticking, and more. These signs indicate that the clutch of the car has worn out and demand repair or replacement. Let our experts inspect the car and prevent you from any consequences of clutch-failure.


One of the major car problems is worn our brakes. If you hear a grinding, squeaking or squealing sign while pressing the brakes, you need to consult with our car repair mechanics. Will ensure that the condition is inspected and attended in the best manner.


Time takes a toll on your vehicle’s engine. The most important and complex component of your car, the engine demands skills and experience for the detection of the problem and its repair. As the best car repair shop near me, we ensure timely engine replacement and service.

Fuel System:

If there is any strange sound coming from your car engine, it is a sign of a potential problem. Oil leaks repair is the most essential car repair service that you need to avail in due intervals. Our car repair services in Delhi are trusted for ensuring the complete efficiency of your car.

Suspension system:

From noise, while driving through rough terrains to the bumper of your car hitting the road, a poor car suspension can cause you a lot of troubles. If you are finding it tough to maintain the handling of the vehicle, ensure you reach to the best car repair near me to ensure timely repair.


From wheel replacement to wheel alignment, we are the best car repair services providers to handle your car wheels and ensure you have a smooth and bump-free ride across different terrains.

Body Repair Services at Triumph Motors

Body repair services at Triumph Motors

Triumph Motors is the best car repair service center for all types of car dent repair and painting services. When you ride a car, accidents are the most unfortunate thing that can happen to you. When two cars collide or a car hits something hard, a range of damages is expected including bumper damage, body dents, paint damage, scratches, and any other faults. As the best car repair near me, we ensure that your damaged car is handled with care and brought back to life by the experts.

Car dent repair services

Dents can make your vehicle look old even it is brought just a few days back. Sadly, the vehicle body can get dents from a number of sources including hailstorm, a sudden drop of a heavy item, accidental damage to the vehicle body and more. At Triumph Motors, we are dent removal specialists offering an array of reliable and affordable car dent repair services. We specialize in paintless dent removal services and offer fast, reliable and guaranteed results.

Car bumper repair services:

While in serious accidental cases where the bumper sustains a lot of damage, bumper replacement is the only way out, in case of minor problems, the bumper can be repaired. Whether you are searching for a bumper replacement service or car bumper repairs, you get a one-stop solution at Triumph Motors. Our expert mechanics meticulously perform the bumper repair job to offer you a new like bumper.

Affordable car repair near me:

The first thing that hits the mind when searching for a car repair shop near me is the cost associated with the job. If you want specialized, guaranteed and reliable car repair services at an affordable price, there is no better option than contacting our car repair experts at Triumph Motors. We offer you the best car body repair, car bumper repair, wheel alignment, dent repair, and other services. While we try our best to make the services cost-effective for our customers, we do not compromise with the quality of the services at all.

Frequently Asked Question's Regarding Car Repair

What car parts require replacement and when?

The user manual has a descriptive explanation of each car part and its service intervals. You must refer to the manual or bring your car to the best car repair services near me- Triumph Motors, the experts will check the car and report any part that demands replacement.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is the best way to remove minor dents from the body of the vehicle. Our mechanics specialize in paintless dent repair ensuring that the paint remains intact while repairing a dent.

When should I change the oil of my car?

The oil of the vehicle must be changed every 3 months or 5000 kilometers, whatever comes first. However, our mechanics recommend adhering to the guidelines mentioned in the user manual to ensure effective services.

Is a car dealership the best for repair and services?

If you come to Triumph Motors, we assure you that we will take care of your vehicle in the best possible way. The dealership indeed has the best knowledge about the vehicle, but we hold the same information as they do to handle your car’s service and repair requirements.

What kind of car accident damages are repairable?

Depending upon the severity of the accident the car can sustain a range of damages. As a reliable car repair near me, we advise you to bring your car to us and let us assess the damages to offer you the exact estimate.